Who does Yevtushenkov treat?

While the business empire of the oligarch Yevtushenkov is drowning in debt and problems, is its medical “department” not averse to profiting from budget money?

Who Does Yevtushenkov Treat?

The Medsi group of companies, which is part of AFK Sistema of the scandalous oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov, sent the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region a concession proposal for more than 5 billion rubles. It is proposed to create a medical complex in Vyksa. The term is 20-25 years.

Why Medsi is seeking partnership with the state and what is happening with Yevtushenkov in general, the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Nizhny Novgorod region understood.

Oligarch’s favorite

The network of private clinics “Medsi”, created on the basis of the “Medical Center for the Mayor’s Affairs” is one of the largest federal medical networks in Russia. It includes 115 clinics across the country.

Now the group of companies has decided to expand, together with the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region, they intend to implement a project to build a large medical complex in the format of a public-private partnership.

Actually, this is not surprising: rumors have long been circulating on the sidelines about allegedly very, very warm relations between personally Vladimir Yevtushenkov and the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region Gleb Nikitin.

In November 2021, the region and AFK Sistema signed a cooperation agreement (the region and AFK Sistema), which implies the implementation of joint projects.

Now it becomes clear what kind of project the official and the oligarch are aiming for: apparently, all this was agreed in advance.

According to Medsi’s proposal, the Group of Companies will act as a concessionaire, and the regional government is offered to become a concedent. The term of a possible concession agreement will be 20-25 years.

At the first stage, Medsi intends to receive a capital grant of 1.45 billion rubles from the region. and invest 2.45 billion rubles. own and borrowed funds, Kommersant reports.

By the end of August, the parties plan to agree on its individual provisions, in September – to sign a concession agreement.

However, if you look at the finances of Medsi, it turns out that everything is not so rosy. The parent company has 25 subsidiaries, many of which are highly unprofitable, and a number of firms can even be suspected of being fictitious.

At the end of 2021, Medsi-St. Petersburg has a loss of 31 million rubles, and the value of assets is 181 million rubles.

Who Does Yevtushenkov Treat?

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Similar situations are in the subsidiaries of Izhevsk and Perm. And “Medsi Vyksa” is completely “dummy” with a minus value of assets and receivables.

Who Does Yevtushenkov Treat?

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As for the parent organization, there were government contracts for more than a billion rubles. At the end of 2021, revenue amounted to 24 billion rubles, profit – almost 700 million rubles. Compared with the state of subsidiaries, there is only one question – where is the money? “Sail” abroad?

Who Does Yevtushenkov Treat?

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Presumably, money from state contracts, which Medsi clinics generously supply to the authorities in the regions, could also flow there. Is it at the suggestion of local officials, and how could he motivate them so? And will the money earned by Medsi in the Nizhny Novgorod region not flow there?

sick treatment

The owner of AFK Sistema, billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov, is hunting for real estate in prestigious places in large cities, looking for access points to the regions to open another Medsi there.

And it would be fine if even the country’s largest private network of clinics, Medsi, provided professional treatment properly. Patients of institutions repeatedly complain about the services provided.

In Moscow, Medsi was accused of violating standards in providing medical care to people with heart disease and diseases of the nervous system. And in the Perm Territory, Roszdravnadzor ordered the personnel of the local branch of the clinic to be disciplined. As stated in the audit materials, they harmed the health of a 40-year-old patient. Life.ru wrote about it.

There are also strange stories about the death of patients. So, in one of the cases, even after death, the man ended up not in the state morgue, but in the commercial one, owned by the same Medsi. And the medical examiner who found out the cause of death had no right to conduct such a study at all. At that time, the company did not have the appropriate license.

And in 2020, as Lenta.ru reported, Honored Doctor of Russia, well-known pulmonologist Alexander Karabinenko accused the Medsi clinic of the death of his sister, who contracted COVID-19 there.

Patient reviews on various sites also speak volumes.

Who Does Yevtushenkov Treat?

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Checks, violations, negative reviews about Medsi cannot be listed. Doesn’t Mr. Yevtushenkov keep track of what goes on behind the closed doors of clinics?

Family business

The founder and largest shareholder of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov, in 2018, transferred to his son Felix, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, a 5% stake in the holding. And in April, when he was hit by sanctions, he shared another 10% stake with his son. As a result, the share of Felix Yevtushenkov increased to 15.2%.

The career of Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s daughter Tatyana also began with Sistema. Since 1999, she has headed the investment department of Sistema Telecom. In 2008, she left to work for Sberbank, and when Vladimir Yevtushenkov turned his family office into a €100 million investment fund Redline in 2011, she headed its London office. On the Redline website, Tatyana Yevtushenkova was listed as a partner in London and a member of the investment committee and board of directors.

However, according to Insider (https://www.businessinsider.com/), the company quietly removed the page with this information from its website due to the political situation.

Yevtushenkov himself often fell under major scandals. So in 2014, he was accused of illegally acquiring a controlling stake in Bashneft. As a result of the case, the shares were returned to the state and sold to Sechin’s Rosneft.

Then there was talk that in that situation a possible agreement between Sechin and Yevtushenkov could have taken place. For which the latter allegedly could receive compensation.

In addition, Yevtushenkov is known as the owner of Segezha Group, which is engaged in the production and processing of wood. In 2021, the company announced plans to increase plywood production by increasing the capacity of the Vyatka Plywood Mill. The amount of investments is 6 billion rubles, the launch date of the new production was planned for the end of 2022.

Then the company raised 30 billion rubles as part of an IPO on the Moscow Exchange. The organization has already announced preparations for a foreign IPO, which could be a success. But here unexpected political changes, as well as sanctions, have made their own adjustments about the IPO Yevtushenkov can only dream of.

Despite the fact that Yevtushenkov is listed as 51 on the Forbes list, he is “drowning” in debt that will have to be closed. Now, when the foreign market remains out of reach, all the oligarch’s hope is for the Russian one, where he has at least some leverage.

And just then a good option with a concession initiative turned up. Well, drowning in their own debts and assets, Yevtushenko can only wish good luck.

Andrew Fink

Andrew Fink

Andrew Fink was born in 1977 in Bellows Falls, Vermont. His career as a journalist began with the regional publication Bellows Falls Times. political commentator, one of the founders of the project "Russian crimes".

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