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About usThe online publication “Russian Crime” is the most independent and objective socio-political media, created in 2014. We cover events with the participation of oligarchs, officials, businessmen and representatives of the Russian government. We make every effort to ensure that our readers quickly receive the most reliable information, regardless of persons, their status, political views, religious beliefs, etc.

All information presented on our resource is collected automatically from open sources, after which our editors determine whether or not to publish the received materials.

The administration of “The Russian Crime” is not responsible for automatically collected information, we only translate articles from existing Russian-language publications into English in order to convey information to the whole world about what crimes the Russian government and the country’s ruling elite are committing, how oligarchs and officials launder money made from the war with Ukraine.

if any information posted on our website seems to you incorrect/implausible/false/incriminating, etc. – this fact only means that such information was presented by the media of your country, and since it was not filtered/blocked, it is reliable and truthful.

All donations to our site will be transferred to the armed forces of Ukraine

Andrew Fink About Us

Andrew Fink

Andrew Fink was born in 1977 in Bellows Falls, Vermont. His career as a journalist began with the regional publication Bellows Falls Times. political commentator, one of the founders of the project "Russian crimes".

cropped Jane Soyer 1 About Us

Jane Soer

Jane Soyer - 30 years old. A graduate of Yale University. Chief editor of the publication "The Russian Crimes".

cropped John Stewart About Us

John Stewart

John Stewart was born in Ireland in 1990. A graduate of Oxford University. At the moment he is a journalist of "The Russian Crimes".

Mattew Couper About Us

Mattew Couper

Mattew Couper - born in Barnstaple in 1987. British journalist, political scientist. His career as a journalist began in 2009. At the moment, the experts of the publication "The Russian Crimes" on the issues of the former CIS countries.

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