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The richest Arkhangelsk deputy Alexander Frolov received the right to build the south-west of Moscow. It would seem, where does Sobyanin?

"Teply Stan" for Frolov

The Moscow City Hall has found an investor for the reorganization of the industrial zone. Akvilon Group will build more than 200,000 sq. m of commercial real estate.

The correspondent of The Moscow Post figured out who and how can “warm their hands” on the project.

Without the right to choose

LLC SZ Sevtekhnadzor, associated with the Akvilon group, won the tender for the right to reorganize the former Teply Stan industrial zone in the south-west of Moscow. It is noteworthy that another company, Nord-West Investment, took part. She may also be associated with Akvilon. At least its owner and general director is Konstantin Poslavsky, who heads a number of structures associated with the developer.

It is interesting that Sevtekhnadzor has only one employee in 2021, but the company’s revenue is 18 million rubles, and the loss is 43 million rubles. It is strange that large-scale development in Moscow is given to a company that cannot cope with its own income. At the same time, the director of the company Sergey Chanchikov is the head of 11 other companies, the total revenue of which is 252 million rubles.

"Teply Stan" for Frolov

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The second organization, which participated in the auction, things with money look better, but also raise doubts. Revenue for 2021 amounted to 9.7 million rubles, and the profit is only 91 thousand, this is all with two employees.

The industrial zone in Teply Stan will go to Sevtekhnadzor at a starting price of 24.6 million rubles. Office centers, retail facilities and technology parks will be in demand on its territory. The proceeds from the sale of space in such projects can amount to 30-50 billion rubles. It looks like the company is doing well. Who will receive part of the funds? Certainly Alexander Frolov, co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of the Akvilon Invest construction holding, which is associated with both companies.

Arkhangelsk “bump”

Alexander Frolov has a reputation as the richest deputy of the Arkhangelsk region. He always manages to get “golden” lands. His company is among the top 25 Russian developers in terms of current construction. Last year, he entered the Forbes list and took 33rd place in the Power and Money rating of civil servants and deputies.

"Teply Stan" for Frolov

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Frolov calmly got the market of the Arkhangelsk region. His “Aquilon” Invest was engaged in all major construction projects. All this was done not without the help of Igor Godzish, the ex-head of Arkhangelsk.

In order to get the city center for development, it was necessary to relocate people from their houses, mostly there were wooden buildings. In 2021, the story of arson in the housing stock thundered. They linked the events to Akvilon, they even carried out searches there, found the necessary evidence, but the case was hushed up, and Frolov’s company came out “clean”.

Residents of the city have repeatedly complained about the deputy’s company. It got to the point that the townspeople through the courts sought to stop the construction of high-rise buildings from Akvilon. Contrary to the General Plan, a 12-storey residential complex “Green-quarter-2” was designed within the boundaries of Lomonosov and Novgorodsky avenues. Despite the urban planning document, the administration of Arkhangelsk at the end of 2016 issued a permit to deviate from the limiting parameters. The judge found the permit illegal. However, even after the court decision, work at the facility continued.

In October 2019, there was a scandal with the construction of the River Park residential complex in Arkhangelsk. There, work was actually carried out on the territory of the former Mikhailo-Arkhangelsk Monastery. As a result, Frolov did not miss the opportunity to grab a “tidbit” in the historic center of the city. Construction is still ongoing, but apartments are already worth 7 million rubles.

wide scope

Alexander Frolov managed to “push through” many projects precisely in Arkhangelsk, because there is “one’s own” administrative resource there. However, this was not enough for the businessman, and he “swung” on St. Petersburg.

In 2015, the company’s first project was the residential complex “4You” on the territory of the former meat processing plant “Samson”. Others appeared later.

One of the most scandalous objects of the company is the residential complex “Kingdom” in the Petrogradsky district at the intersection of Lodeynopolskaya and Petrozavodskaya streets. Neither the authorities nor the locals liked the construction. Residents of a neighboring house because of the construction were at risk of collapse of their own building. I had to put the project on hold.

In January 2020, Akvilon Invest decided to take on office real estate in St. Petersburg and announced the construction of a business center on Moskovsky Prospekt near the Frunzenskaya metro station. The issue price is 1.5 billion rubles. It was planned to complete the project in 2022, but, apparently, they have not yet had time.

Earlier in The Moscow Post It was written in detail how workers die and get injured at construction sites of Akvilon-Invest, employees are “forgotten” to employ in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, and most importantly, the company does not disdain to buy buildings “together with residents.”

But, despite such a track record, the company broke into the Moscow market, starting in 2018 to build the Akvilon Park complex for 82.5 thousand square meters. m in Kommunarka. And in the first half of 2020, she acquired 4.5 hectares from Capital Group in the village of Rozhdestveno, for the Mir Mitino complex.

Also, Alexander Frolov and developer Alexander Rogatykh completed the construction of the Sreda residential complex near the Novokhokhlovskaya MCC station in the southeast of Moscow.

It is also interesting that, now Akvilon is coordinating the development of 1.4 hectares in Signalny Proyezd, which it acquired from the structure of Roskosmos this year.

"Teply Stan" for Frolov

Doesn’t Frolov have too many privileges? Photo: region29.ru

Now the Moscow mayor’s office is giving away Tyoply Stan to companies with a tarnished reputation. Here you can trace the possible interest of Sergei Sobyanin, because there is no doubt about the multibillion-dollar profit of the future facility. In addition, it is unlikely that Alexander Mikhailovich would have entered the Moscow market on his own.

Andrew Fink

Andrew Fink

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