The co-owner of the bookmaker’s office Winline, connected with the organizer of underground casinos Bazhanov, bought a “damned dacha” in Gorki-2

Andrey Myslivtsev

On Rublyovka, in the elite village of Gorki-2, there is a dacha that is called cursed. It has gone through many owners, and almost all of them, including high-ranking security officials, got into trouble with the law shortly after the purchase. As “Baza” found out, the new owner is a man who knows firsthand what it means to try fate – the owner of one of the largest bookmakers Andrey Myslivtsev.

The damned house in the elite village of Gorki-2 is called not by anyone, but by the security forces. The fact is that earlier it was a service dacha and in Soviet times the heads of the KGB departments lived here. How The New Times reported (his site was blocked by Roskomnadzor at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office), there are rumors on the sidelines of the Lubyanka that all the owners of this house will soon start to have big troubles.

On a plot of 30 acres there is a house (377 sq. m) and a bathhouse (352 sq. m). Andrey Myslivtsev, co-owner of the Winline bookmaker, acquired this luxury property in 2021. He also leased 19 acres of forest – as indicated in the extract from Rosreestr, “for the construction and operation of reservoirs” or “other artificial water bodies.”

“Gorki-2, which has preserved a unique pine forest, is an ideal place for a comfortable stay … Everything is here: from restaurants and supermarkets for VIPs to sports facilities, children’s institutions and schools,” this is how real estate agencies describe the village.

The layout of the “cursed dacha”

Myslivtsev’s closest neighbors are all current or former high-ranking officials or their relatives and friends: the wife of the former head of Rosprirodnadzor Olga Volokh, the full namesake of the former deputy secretary of the Security Council Valentin Sobolev, the daughter of the former deputy head of the FSB Veronika Ushakova. One of the neighboring plots is owned by the Sotsgosproekt fund, the general director of which is a classmate Dmitry Medvedev — Alexey Chetvertkov.

Viktor Cherkesov

However, Cherkesov was not listed as the owner of the dacha for long, already in 2000 it was bought by Natalia Kharisova. It was reported that she is connected with the former deputy director of the FSB Vyacheslav Ushakov. In 2011, by decree of Dmitry Medvedev, Ushakov was fired “for shortcomings in work and violation of work ethics.”

In 2006, the “cursed house” bought Ahmed Bilalovand seven years later, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to dismiss him from the post of head of the board of directors of North Caucasus Resorts and vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee due to a disruption in the schedule for the construction of Olympic facilities.

Ahmed Bilalov

In 2011, the dacha was owned by the company Riconada Ltd, which is registered in the state of Saint Kitts and Nevis and which the Proekt publication (recognized as an undesirable organization in Russia) bound With Zhanna Arefieva – sister of a State Duma deputy and former deputy head of the Krasnodar Territory Alexandra Remezkova.

Zhanna Arefieva was also not spared serious problems. She got into a scandal that almost ended her criminal term. According to Novaya Gazeta, in the Krasnodar Territory, dozens of families bought from companies associated with Arefieva, the right to lease land. They were promised that these plots would soon cease to be considered a forest fund and it would be possible to build housing on them. In addition, firms also sold houses on these plots.

Later, the whole scheme with the sale of plots and houses was found to be fraudulent, and everyone who bought real estate here was evicted by the court. In 2014, a criminal case was initiated on the fact of the illegal sale of land, in which the property of Zhanna Arefyeva was seized. But in the end, neither she nor the owners of the firms involved in the sale of land received a sentence: only the realtor, Inna Kushch, was found guilty.

Trademark Winline registered at NKS

Interestingly, the “NKS Management Company” has some connection with Iskandar Mahmudov, ranked 31st in the Forbes rating of Russian billionaires with a fortune of 3.6 billion rubles. The company previously (until April 2022) had a stake (31%) in RSK Stroy, which then passed to Jahangir Mahmudov the son of a billionaire.

Gigantic flows of money pass through the company: its revenue for 2021 amounted to 29 billion rubles, net profit – almost 10 billion rubles. So Myslivtsev could afford a dacha, the cost of which is about 150 million rubles (the price may vary depending on the finish of the house).

In the phones of his friends, according to the GetContact service, Andrey Myslivtsev is listed as follows: “Andrey Natasha’s brother”, “Nata Bazhanova”, “Natalya Andrey Bazhanov”, “Bazhanov Anton”.

That is, the connection between Myslivtsev and a certain Anton Bazhanov. The Belarusian Investigative Center wrote in April that Andrei Myslivtsev and Anton Bazhanov jointly run a casino business in Belarus. For example, according to the project, the M1 casino on the border of Belarus with Russia was built by the BelRosTorgSbyt company, a quarter of which belongs to Andrei Myslivtsev, and a half to the Cypriot Mauretti Trading company, behind which is Anton Bazhanov.

Anton Bazhanov (center)

As Kommersant wrote in 2020Bazhanov was suspected of creating the largest network of underground casinos in the history of modern Russia.

The “Panorama” system, which included dozens of clubs with slot machines, roulette and poker tables, operated in the capital for three years. Its financial turnover cannot be accounted for, but it probably amounted to billions – in any case, the shadow business allowed its owner to build already legal casinos and shopping centers, ”the publication reported. According to investigators, underground clubs were hidden “in bookmakers operating under the guise of Panorama-owned brands: Winline, Unionbet and Greenbet.”

Bazhanov and his accomplices were charged under the articles “Organization of a criminal community” and “illegal organization of gambling committed by a group.” True, in the same 2020, he and 23 other people involved in the case were released from arrest. The Moscow City Court explained this by the fact that the investigation was completed and it no longer makes sense for former prisoners to put pressure on witnesses or destroy evidence. February 2022 telegram channels wrotethat the underground casinos in Moscow under the control of Anton Bazhanov started working again, but there was no more news about the progress of the criminal case.

Anton Bazhanov’s wife’s name is Natalia, and perhaps she is indeed a relative of Andrei Myslivtsev. At least her mother’s name is Svetlana Vasilievna Myslivtseva, and Andrei Myslivtsev’s mother’s name is Tatyana Vasilievna Myslivtseva, both of them from the Rostov region. In 2018, the media wrote that Anton Bazhanov and his family rented a mansion in Gorki-2.

Andrei Myslivtsev did not answer Base’s questions about whether he studied the history of the dacha before buying it and whether he was afraid of its curse.

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