“Rybka” from Chibis “bite” on Orlov?

Perhaps the Murmansk commercial port is being taken away from Kreslavsky and Romanov only in order to be handed over to the owner of the Norebo, Vitaly Orlov – and how can it be done without the help of Governor Chibis?

"Rybka" from Chibis "bite" on Orlov?

The Arbitration Court of the Murmansk Region, at the suit of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), recovered in favor of the state 100% of the shares of Murmansk Sea Fishing Port JSC (MMRP), privatized in 2015.

Thus, several businessmen, who were called the beneficiaries of the infrastructure facility, were out of work. Namely, a member of the board of directors of the Murmansk port, Alexander Romanov, and a manager, Oleg Kreslavsky.

A number of sale and purchase agreements for Kupets LLC, which were concluded by Zeus JSC with Romanov and Kreslavsky in 2017, as well as a number of assignment agreements concluded with offshore companies, were declared invalid.

According to our publication, the Murmansk Commercial Sea Port can now be given to the Norebo group of companies, the scandalous fisherman Vitaly Orlov. The correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Murmansk region figured out how all this could end.

The reason for the interest of the FAS is clear – port berths cannot be owned by private individuals, these are strategic infrastructure facilities, therefore, it is not clear how the port privatization transactions were carried out at all.

According to the FAS, in 2015 a group of people, together with foreign investors, established control over the port. The shares ended up with Zeus JSC, which was joined by Kupets LLC, combining the shares of the port. The above-named businessmen allegedly stood behind the companies.

Thus, now 100% of the shares of the port are being withdrawn from JSC “Zeus” and transferred to the benefit of the Federal Property Management Agency. But could these transactions take place without the approval of the authorities of the Murmansk Territory? At least from 2019, Governor Andrey Chibis should have been in the subject.

Fish showdown

Meanwhile, hardly anyone will regret the fact that Kreslavsky and Romanov are being moved away from the port.

With an authorized capital of 12 thousand rubles, only three employees officially work there. Not bad for a structure with a net profit for 2021 of 141 million rubles?

Considering that offshore companies CIFalcon Limited (Cyprus), Hermes Investment & Trading Pte. Ltd (Singapore) and New Millennium Group Kft. (Hungary), funds could go anywhere. It is not surprising that in November 2019, FSB officers raided the MMRP with searches.

As Kommersant wrote at the time, with reference to security officials and social networks, it was about possible non-payment of taxes, illegal business activities and, again, illegal possession of the port’s berths. The work of the MMRP was paralyzed, the berths were transferred to the management of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport and National Brewers – this was the only way to restore the transshipment of fish.

Subsequently, the FSB visited the port again – already in 2020. But then there was no talk of any sanctions against Kreslavsky and Romanov. According to evil tongues, the beneficiaries of the MMRP after privatization went on a rampage – they arranged a sweet life for all fishery tenants. It could almost be a return to the 90s.

The authors of the Arctic TV website report that, allegedly, the head of the board of directors of MMRP Romanov (in the past he allegedly had the surname Polishchuk) back in 2001-2001, by force and by forging documents, as well as kidnapping, removed the general director and founder of JSC “Sevryba” Georgy Tishkov. The structure, as you might guess, was actively working in the MMRP.

As a result, “Sevryba” was actually plundered: the value of the sold property of the structure could be up to $ 8 million. Of course, no one proved this, but such rumors alone could characterize both Romanov and his partner Kreslavsky.

Sevryba was liquidated in 2014. According to the authors of the Blogger51 website, allegedly, shortly before the death of the company, a certain Daniil Poleshchuk was the director of the structure. Perhaps a relative of the current Romanov-Poleshchuk.

The following is strange: the organization was liquidated with a profit of 205 million rubles in 2013, that is, the enterprise was successful. But what is even more strange, as indicated in Rusprofile, the founder of the structure was Anastasia Alexandrovna Kreslavskaya – probably a relative of the manager of the Murmansk port, Oleg Kreslavsky.

And she left the ranks of the founders only in January 2022 – that is, when the FSB was already interested in the affairs of the MMRP. It looks like someone got scared and decided to clean their tails.

"Rybka" from Chibis "bite" on Orlov?

A photo: Rusprofile.en

A few words should also be said about LLC “Kupets”, because it was this structure that initially (before the merger with JSC “Zeus”) with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles, the port withdrew. The company was engaged in fishing, and at the same time managed to buy a 100% stake in MMRP for only … $ 14 million.

"Rybka" from Chibis "bite" on Orlov?

Photo: https://bloger51.com/2015/12/59055

The owner of 90% of the office was precisely Mr. Kreslavsky, who is also the manager (read, hired manager) in Sevryb. At the same time, at the end of 2020, the company showed a loss of 28 million rubles, the value of assets – minus 379 million rubles.

One thing is surprising – why were they interested in these comrades not at the beginning of the tenth, but only in 2020?

Orlov is somewhere nearby

The port provides 14% of fish products transshipment in Russia, about 30% in the North-West and more than 80% in Murmansk. Throughput – 700 thousand tons per year. Refrigeration terminals hold 45,000 tons. In the same place – the production of cans for canned food with a capacity of 100 million a year, processing and warehouses for the wholesale trade of fish. This is a real goldmine.

For implementation, a program has already been approved for the demolition of buildings on the territory of 53 hectares, where more than fifty enterprises of the fishing industry operate. In fact, they can simply be squeezed out of the territory of the facility. But in whose interests?

According to our sources, the Norebo Group of Companies and its owner, the most scandalous businessman Vitaly Orlov, may be the main interest in such an action.

Now Mr. Orlov, who won a whole series of corporate conflicts and won the lion’s share of fishing quotas, is carrying out a large-scale renewal of his fishing fleet. In 2021, it was announced that it was buying the large Saami fishing company with the rights to catch more than 11.5 tons of cod and haddock per year.

But even without this, Norebo and its daughters own quotas for catching more than 420 thousand tons of pollock, cod, haddock and other biological resources per year. In 2020, Norebo’s revenue was estimated at 60.8 billion rubles a year.

"Rybka" from Chibis "bite" on Orlov?

Vitaly Orlov set his sights on MMRP? Photo: glavk.net

At the same time, the plans of the Murmansk governor Chibis to renovate the port, which involve the demolition of buildings on an area of ​​53 hectares, ran into fierce resistance from business.

If the information of our sources is correct, they will all have to move so that the head of Norebo, Vitaly Orlov, can turn around at full speed. But can he, in this case, do without the personal commercial interest of Andrey Chibis?

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