With Gref on a string

Is Sberbank Deputy Chairman Kirill Tsarev the next candidate to leave Russia with a whole “bag of money” and assets that he owns and manages right “under the nose” of German Gref?

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On the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), head of Sberbank German Gref shared some interesting information. Explaining the departure from the bank of a number of top managers from his inner circle, he confirmed that many of them were afraid of the so-called. SDN sanctions (inclusion in the West in the black list, which implies the blocking of assets and operations).

Apparently, German Oskarovich got a little carried away and “let slip”. After all, this can only mean one thing – the departed managers had assets, a business, and therefore they were engaged in entrepreneurial activities. But what kind of assets can we talk about in the case of the top management of the state bank – officials who are directly prohibited from owning and managing a business?

The correspondent of The Moscow Post understood what Gref’s closest subordinates could “bring out”.

The talk of the town was the departure of the former first deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank Lev Khasis from the country – almost immediately after the start of Russia’s special military operation to protect Donbass and the introduction of new sanctions. Later it turned out that in the United States, the business associated with him somehow lives and flourishes – the Momentus group, the founder of which he is together with his wife Olga.

In June 2021, the company entered into an agreement with the US Departments of Defense and Treasury. And all this – even before the NWO and right under the nose of German Gref.

Recall that several members of the board fell under the sanctions at once: first deputy chairmen Kirill Tsarev and Anatoly Popov, deputy chairmen Bella Zlatkis, Olga Golodets, Sergey Maltsev, Stanislav Kuznetsov, financial director and deputy chairman Alexandra Buriko, as well as board member Natalya Alymova.

Maltsev, Buriko and Alymova left Sberbank. In addition, Andrey Shemetov, the head of the corporate investment unit, left the bank and decided to pursue his own projects. What kind of projects can a government official have?

“Royal” assets

Of all the names, the first deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank, Kirill Tsarev, attracts more interest. After all, he really owns the business, and not just, but directly.

He was the founder of three companies. One of them – a non-profit dacha partnership, has already been liquidated, but the other two – LLC “Rental-Group” and LLC “Rental Tech” – are operating, with turnovers of tens and hundreds of millions of rubles.

Tsarev himself remains a co-owner of Rental-Group LLC with a 49% share. Moreover, the share is not in trust, despite the fact that Tsarev is actually an official. Another 49% of the company is owned by Anna Tsareva, and 2% by Timur Tsarev, apparently close relatives of the top manager.

With Gref On A String

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“Rental-Group” is a management company, whose functions include: acquisition of assets, asset management (representation of interests of shareholders in the management of companies, strategic management, control over the work of the top management of companies, audit). Leasing transactions, leasing through rent and venture projects.

Having no revenue for almost six years, at the end of 2021, it showed a profit of 20 million rubles. The value of assets exceeds 22 million rubles. With an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles, only one employee works in the structure.

LLC “Rental Tech” has a more interesting situation. Formally, the company is engaged in specialized construction work, not included in other groups. Anything can be signed. At the end of 2021, the company showed revenue of 245 million rubles, in 2018 this figure exceeded 400 million rubles. At the same time, the profit and the value of assets are very modest – 12 and 14 million rubles.

With Gref On A String

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Let’s leave aside the question of how Kirill Tsarev, who was engaged in banking, discovered in himself a construction interest. We only note that the company is clearly “muddy”, and even looks like a litigator: now there are over 100 court cases in which it acts as a plaintiff, for a total amount of 137 million rubles. Is that how they live?

The company is 49% owned by Rental Group, Timur and Anna Tsareva have small shares. And another 12% is controlled by Oleg Malakhovskiy. Until December 2019, he acted as a co-founder of Stell Engineering LLC, which is engaged in the sale of auto parts. After the company passed into the possession of Roman Gertsev and Mikhail Ustyuzhanin. And until 2019, with an authorized capital of over 1 million rubles, for some reason the structure had neither revenue, nor profit, nor the value of assets.

With Gref On A String

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And with the departure of Malakhovskiy, Kirill Tsarev’s partner, both of them suddenly appeared. And immediately for hundreds of millions. At the end of 2021, revenue amounted to 416 million rubles at once, profit – 39 million rubles, asset value – 35 million rubles. At the end of 2021, the numbers are more modest, but in the same orders.

With Gref On A String

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What happened after the departure of Malakhovskiy? An empty company sold auto parts for 400 million rubles in a year – strange. Has the company begun to be used as a pad for transferring funds?

Returning to “Rental-Group”, the company is engaged in asset management. But it has only two subsidiaries – in addition to Rental-Tech, it is also Rental Units. And this is a real treasure trove of money.

The company is engaged in construction work (what, after all, Tsarev the builder turned out to be), and has assets worth over 800 million rubles with a revenue of 1.5 billion. Where does the firewood come from? At the same time, “Rental-Group” owns only half of the company. Another for Valentina Igolinskaya. She also previously acted as the founder of GSI LLC.

With Gref On A String

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The latter is now owned by Anna Tsareva and Olga Schleicher. And also – who knows where the turnover for hundreds of million rubles came from. The result of 2021 is revenue of 142 million, profit of 112 million. The company is engaged in wholesale trade. Tell me, in what area can you bargain with such a wild “margin”, or is trading just a cover for other operations?

In addition, Anna Tsareva established LLC “SZKA”, a consulting agency, where she has 100%. There are almost no turnovers, but the authorized capital is 3.7 million rubles. How much for a barely functioning structure providing consulting services?

Sip from the budget “river”

It seems that doing business is really not prohibited under the strict guidance of German Gref. And Tsarev, like Khasis, are just one of many who could combine business with pleasure – to be an official and engage in commerce. But what about German Gref himself?

Sberbank dividends are heavily replenishing the National Welfare Fund. Which is then spent on the iconic and necessary country projects. For example, they finance the construction of a ring road in the Moscow region. And Brayne takes part in the construction of the fifth section of the Central Ring Road. The co-owners of the company are the sons of the ex-head of Vnesheconombank Pavel and Stepan Dmitriev, as well as the son of the head of Sberbank from his first marriage, Oleg Gref. The Daily Storm writes about it.

The company is clearly designed for the West, its pages in open Russian systems could not be found. The site is in the .ru zone, but the entire description is in English. It is said that the structure is engaged in investments with the involvement of Russian investors.

It must be assumed that the German Gref family and his closest associates in Sberbank are the same Russian investors who should receive foreign currency for their work, and are also attracted by contractors for state construction projects.

With Gref On A String

Who is Oleg Gref’s business designed for? Photo: http://brayne.ru/

Of course, this is not the only business associated with Gref. Previously, he appeared in a scandal with the publication of offshore documents “Pandora’s Dossier”, where “found” influential people from different countries, behind which dubious assets may be found.

Don’t forget about yourself

It seems that the Gref family is among them. According to Ura.ru, about $50 million was found in accounts that may be associated with Gref in Singapore and Samoa. It is unlikely that he could earn such money in his entire career.

According to the authors of the site frankrg.com, allegedly back in 2011, German Gref established the Angelus Trust in Singapore to manage more than $55 million in family assets. The trust was subsequently liquidated. But before that, Gref decided to make his nephew, 24-year-old Oscar Gref, living in Switzerland, the manager and beneficiary of the Angelus Trust.

Later, German Gref allegedly redistributed all assets in favor of Oscar Gref. He first became the founder and sole beneficiary of the Angelus One Trust, where the assets were transferred. And then he had to become the manager of the family office (family office). Later, in 2018, the assets were transferred to the Grand Investment Trust of Kirill Androsov, a former deputy minister of economic development and an old friend of Gref.

So the managers of German Gref have someone to take an example from – if you cannot manage and own assets directly, relatives will always come to the rescue. Khasis seems to have understood this, but what about Mr. Tsarev – and is he the only business owner in direct control from the environment of the head of Sberbank? We highly doubt it.

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