Kondratov replenished with Russian Railways, or Darkin is back in business

Businessman with a controversial reputation Ruslan Kondratov continues to build a business, and Russian Railways lends a helping hand to him.

Kondratov replenished with Russian Railways, or Darkin is back in business

At the Eastern Economic Forum, each new agreement signed looks like a “fairy tale”. This time we are talking about cooperation between JSC “Terminal Astafiev” and JSC “RZD Business Active“. The parties agreed on the joint development of container transportation in domestic and international traffic.

The memorandum provides for interaction and cooperation in the organization of multimodal services using the infrastructure of the terminal in Nakhodka Bay. The subsidiary of Russian Railways will be responsible for attracting cargo, providing logistics and providing rolling stock, and the Astafiev Terminal will be responsible for sea transport.

It sounds quite promising, but the company in Nakhodka, like its owner Ruslan Kondratov, has a very strange reputation.

What is behind the deal dealt with the correspondent of The Moscow Post in Primorsky Krai.

dusty terminal

The Astafiev Terminal JSC firm went to the Kondratov family during the reign of Governor Sergei Darkin, he was close to businessmen.

Initially, it was the largest enterprise in Nakhodka – the Nakhodka tin can factory. To buy it in those years, of course, in 2009 it was declared bankrupt and it went to the Kondratovs. In October 2012, the shareholders of the factory at an extraordinary meeting decide to rename the enterprise to JSC “Terminal Astafiev” at the same time, loading of coal in the open way begins with its subsequent sale to China.

And if earlier the company was engaged only in banks, then today it has nothing in its activities. There are construction of buildings, and land management. Just a find in Nakhodka.

Kondratov replenished with Russian Railways, or Darkin is back in business

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At the moment when Nakhodka became a link in the chain connecting the coal mining enterprises of Siberia with ports in China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, environmental problems began. The equipment in the port could not cope with the new loads.

In 2017, they only talked about how coal is transshipped in an open way without the use of protective equipment, and this leads to severe air and street pollution at a distance of several kilometers from the port. And in 2018, Artem Trembovlev, the head of the initiative group of Nakhodka residents, handed over to the First Vice-Governor of Primorye Alexei Kostenko an appeal addressed to the head of the region on the closure of the Astafiev Terminal, which was signed by about 1,000 people. This was written by the publication “Version”.

Residents of the city still complain about dust-blackened surfaces in houses, schools, cars and ice.

Like clockwork

At the moment, the capacity of the warehouse allows you to store up to 250 thousand tons of coal. The loading speed is up to 30,000 tons of fuel per day. In addition, the company gained a total of 3 billion rubles. This result exceeds the figures for 2020 by 5.5%.

Kondratov replenished with Russian Railways, or Darkin is back in business

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The growth is due to an increase in the volume of coal transshipment. In particular, in 2021, the Astafyev Terminal handled 4.36 million tons of solid fuel. For comparison, in 2020 the figure was 4.17 million tons.

And now, thanks to the signing of a memorandum of cooperation, the company has gained access to the development of container transportation in domestic and international traffic. If for businessman Kondratov this agreement is a good sign, then for the residents of Nakhodka this is another environmental problem.

Dremlyugs and Kondratovs

Ruslan Kondratov, the son of FSB General Viktor Kondratov, together with the general’s son-in-law Dmitry Dremlyuga, back in the 90s, they began to put together a family fishing empire.

As it happened in those years, there was not even a question of an honest way, enterprises were artificially brought to bankruptcy, and assets were distributed among a narrow circle of creditors. Their role was played by companies owned by Kondratov and Dremlyuga. As The Moscow Post previously wrote, they broke the back of a large fishing enterprise in the Khasansky district – the Far Eastern Base of the Fleet for the Extraction and Processing of Seafood (DVBF).

The co-owner and external manager of DVBF, Valentin Pak, entrusted Ruslan Kondratov with the management of the production and commercial activities of DVBF OJSC. At the suggestion of Kondratov, contracts were concluded for the repair of the BMRT “Communist” and the joint activities of the BMRT “Sibiryak” with foreign firms.

After the conclusion of contracts, Kondratov offered Pak to sell the ships; he refused to do so. The ships “Communist” and “Sibiryak” were issued under contracts and sent abroad. However, when the export period expired, the ships did not return to Russia! It turned out that the ships were still sold, their traces were found in Vietnam. In 2000, they even opened a criminal case on this matter.

We add that Ruslan Kondratov did not calm down, now he is at war against the current governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako and his family.

blood trail

There were many scandals around DVBF OJSC, and it turned out that on December 30, 1998, Sergey Chechugo, deputy editor-in-chief of the Konkurent newspaper, died under mysterious circumstances in Vladivostok. By the way, it was he who unraveled the story, the roots of which went back to Ruslan Kondratov and the sale of ships.

It was rumored that the cause of the journalist’s death was not an ordinary traffic accident, as was allegedly originally “established”. The body was thrown out of a car that was moving at high speed. This version is also supported by the fact that Sergei’s briefcase with documents on this case disappeared without a trace.

And the next victim was the very same Valentin Pak, with whose statement all investigations into DVBF OJSC began: “Late on the evening of December 8, 2006, a Toyota Land Cruiser car belonging to Valentin Pak was blown up in Artem. to the bottom of the Jeep, under the front passenger seat. The explosion occurred while the car was parked outside Pak’s office.”

Help from Darkin

It is necessary to make it clear that the entire formation of the Kondratov family was due to Sergei Darkin, who was then the governor of Primorsky Krai, he was also associated with the criminal world and in certain circles is known under the nickname Seryoga Shepelyavy.

In 2006, Darkin included the son of General Kondratov Ruslan in a passing place in the United Russia list, according to rumors, the Kremlin crossed out his toga. After that, he already nominated in District No. 1 as an independent candidate and won the race with another opponent.

Kondratov replenished with Russian Railways, or Darkin is back in business

Sergey Darkin will help everyone? Photo: info-rm.com

Today, it turns out that Kondratov is getting new opportunities, which in the first place will bring him another billions.

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