All the world to the “battery” Kiriyenko

Former Head of State Corporation”Rosatom“, decided to build a small “mercury” factory “in old age”? And what does Igor Shuvalov have to do with it?

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

The other day it became known that in the Irkutsk region, in Usolye-Sibirsky, the first stone of the Vostok ecotechnopark was laid. They promise to build this ecotechnopark by the end of 2024. What are they building for? They will neutralize and recycle mercury-containing waste.

Total on the territory Russian Federation they promise to build 7 such ecotechnoparks. And in addition to the Irkutsk region, such objects should appear in the Kirov, Tomsk, Saratov, Kurgan regions, the Udmurt Republic and in the fiefdom of Mr. Kiriyenko – the Nizhny Novgorod region.

And State Corporation “Rosatom” plays the main roles here along with its environmental “daughters” … And the 60-year-old Sergei Vladilenovich Kiriyenko himself did not go far aside either. It seems that Mr. Kiriyenko is thinking about impending old age. And your own “candle factory” does not hurt at all! It turns out, like Ilf and Petrov in the novel “12 Chairs”: “The goal of a lifetime was achieved. The candle factory in Samara climbed into the hands. Diamonds fell into pockets like seeds …”

But it seems that Mr. Kiriyenko is not putting these “diamonds into his pockets” in splendid isolation. Journalists have repeatedly drawn attention to the common interests of Sergei Kiriyenko and former First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, who today heads the VEB. RF state corporation.

The fact that Kirienko and Shuvalov hatched joint projects for the production of batteries, The Moscow Post reported almost a year ago.

And similar factories should open in several regions of the Russian Federation, including, it turns out, the ecotechnopark in the Irkutsk region.

The correspondent understood the technical details The Moscow Post.

Waste near residential buildings?

But not everything is going smoothly in Usolye-Sibirsky, where the very first stone of the Vostok ecotechnopark was laid. Public activists threaten to stop the construction of the facility.

It was especially hot last summer, 2021. Local activists through the judiciary were ready to seek the abolition of the procedure for public hearings. And they were going to hold a referendum to find out the attitude towards the enterprise, where it is planned to process mercury-containing and other hazardous industrial waste.

Opponents of the construction of the ecotechnopark are sure that this is not the best neighborhood for the region’s food enterprises in Usolye-Sibirsky.

But the FSUE Federal Ecological Operator (FEO, a structure of Rosatom State Corporation), which is implementing the project, insists that the procedure for public discussions of the ecotechnopark project was held in compliance with all legal requirements.

By the way, since August 4, FEO has – new chief – acting CEO Sergey Pogodin.

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

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But the activists said they have all the necessary tools. And there are answers from representatives of the prosecutor’s office of the Irkutsk region, as well as the Baikal interregional environmental prosecutor’s office that the procedures of public hearings that have already passed were carried out with violations. An appeal was sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation with a request to check the legality of the procedure for public hearings.

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

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But the FEO reported that the procedure for public discussions of the ecotechnopark project for the processing of industrial waste was held in compliance with all legal requirements. There are no violations!

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

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But social activists organized the collection of signatures: more than 7,000 signatures were collected. People are very worried, since the site for the Vostok ecotechnopark is located a kilometer from residential buildings and a few kilometers from meat and milk processing enterprises.

Rosatom structures promised to eliminate the environmental hazard.

But some threats still remain relevant.

Ecotechnopark “Vostok” must process almost 100 types of waste, including class 1 and 2 (substances of extremely high and high danger).

There are no quality solutions yet.

So, all the property of Khimprom was transferred to the Federal Environmental Operator. The land is in municipal and state ownership. And on this land, an object included in the state register of objects of accumulated environmental damage (GRONVOS) has been identified.

If an object is included in the GRONVOS, then state funding is opened for the liquidation of this object. Usolsky Khimprom is at this stage today. That is, the bankruptcy is completed, the property that the bankruptcy trustee tried to sell has been returned to the same hands. And all of it is subject to liquidation. United hands – this is the Federal Environmental Operator.

But the FEO, as life in Baikalsk showed, was unable, figuratively speaking, to tear the barbell off the platform. And, in fact, having lost almost a year and a half, FEO returned to its starting position, having failed to select a technology for processing BPPM waste, having failed to prepare project documentation. This was reported by Irkutsk News. But in Usolye things are much worse. The dangers of environmental pollution are much greater. And a lot of money has already been spent.

FEO had to clean up the territory to a natural state. But most of the priority activities are performed poorly!

For example, the dismantling of a mercury electrolysis shop. According to experts, the degree of environmental pollution after dismantling may be even higher than it was before.

FEO has prepared design solutions for the transition to the planned stage. These design decisions do not stand up to scrutiny.

What did the FEO of Rosatom design? For example, a sludge storage facility with over 5 million tons of waste. And the waste is quite valuable.

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

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According to the estimates of the Institute of Geochemistry of the Institute of Science Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, there are more than 250 tons of mercury in the sludge storage. And the main mass is silt sediments from the production of calcium carbide. That is, if this sludge is cleaned of mercury, it is possible to obtain ready-made raw materials for the production of, for example, cement. FEO proposes to make a burial ground out of it.

Further, the FEO designers admitted that the remains of the mercury electrolysis shop and contaminated soils would be taken to the Krasnodar Territory. Babr24 writes about this.

There are burial grounds for mercury in the Kuban. But experts say it’s crazy. Mercury-containing materials must not be transported in vehicles, as they will leak out from vibration. Russian Railways does not have pressurized cars. And if you transport it in wagons across Russia, you can pollute the entire railway with mercury. And then it will be necessary to demercurize not Khimprom, but all Russian Railways cars in full!

In general, there are no ready-made high-quality solutions yet …

But there are ways to make money.

Communication Kiriyenko-Shuvalov

Recall that back in September 2021, Rosatom announced plans to build a plant for the processing of used batteries in the Nizhny Novgorod region. But this requires lithium.

The construction should be carried out by JSC Rusatom Greenway, a subsidiary of Rosatom. Production is scheduled to start in 2024.

But in Nizhny Novgorod, the interests of Rosatom (read – Kiriyenko) may intersect with the interests of business, which is considered close to the head of VEB.RF, Shuvalov.

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

Igor Shuvalov. Photo:

After all, Rusatom Greenway JSC can be firmly linked to the former First Deputy Prime Minister, allegedly through his “connected” Sergei Kotlyarenko. Shuvalov’s ill-wishers have repeatedly called Kotlyarenko the holder of all the assets of the head of VEB.

Rusatom Greenway JSC is the assignee of Rusatom Greenway LLC. The latter was liquidated, the founder was JSC Atomenergoprom.

The founders of Rusatom Greenway JSC are hidden. Nadezhda Gavrilova is listed as the General Director.

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

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She is to Rusatom Greenway JSC from 2015 to 2020. headed JSC Citymatic – Nizhny Novgorod, the founder was her husband Igor Gavrilov. He became a defendant in a criminal case at the time when he was in charge of the Waste Management-NN company.

JSC “Citimatic – Nizhny Novgorod” is part of the garbage company “Citimatic”, controlled by Sergey Kotlyarenko.

The reason for the talk about the close connection between Kotlyarenko and Shuvalov was the appearance of Mr. Kotlyarenko’s signature on the shares of the offshore Severin, owned by Olga Shuvalova. The Moscow Post wrote about this.

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

Offshore share Severin. Photo:

Kotlyarenko has been associated with the Shuvalovs for a long time: they studied at the same school. In 1999, Kotlyarenko worked with Shuvalov at the Russian Property Fund. Then, together with Shuvalov, he worked in the Presidential Administration and in the Government of the Russian Federation.

Over time, Kotlyarenko bought the management company Rosproektgroup and renamed it KSP Capital Asset Management. On the basis of the KSP Group of Companies, a multifamily office was created for Igor Shuvalov.

In 2019, Kotlyarenko began to engage in the garbage business, most likely in the interests of Shuvalov in Saratov. So Kotlyarenko became the owner of the Citymatic company.

The office deals with municipal solid waste management. And today it is already working in Volgograd, Saratov, Cheboksary, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod.

So it turns out that the head of VEB.RF entrusts the management of his assets to Sergey Kotlyarenko, who, in turn, is indirectly connected with JSC Rusatom Greenway.

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

Sergey Kotlyarenko. Photo:

And it seems that Igor Shuvalov and Sergei Kiriyenko have been working together on projects in the Nizhny Novgorod region for a long time.

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

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It is also interesting that the only customer under the state contracts of Rusatom Greenway JSC is Federal State Unitary Enterprise Federal Ecological Operator. The parties signed two contracts for the amount of 145 million rubles…

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

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It should be noted that the first plant in Russia for the processing of lithium-ion batteries will be built in Dzerzhinsk.

This production is planned at the site of the Oka-Polymer industrial park. The volume of investments in the project will exceed 5 billion rubles. The plant will process lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles, railway vehicles, mobile devices, etc.

The production complex will consist of 5 automated production lines for sorting and processing various types of alkali-manganese and zinc-carbon, nickel-containing, lithium-containing and mercury-zinc batteries.

“Crooked” FEO handles?

And again we will return to Usolie-Sibirskoe.

An interesting fragment of an audio file has appeared on the Web. The recording contains part of the meeting on cleaning work in Usolye-Sibirsky. The conversation is between representatives of the structure of Rosatom and the directorate of the Krasny Bor test site. The meeting was held on July 6, 2021.

Recall that Rosatom is pumping waste from Usoliekhimrom and BTsBK (Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill). This is reported by “Babr 24”.

The BPPM was closed in 2013, and the accumulated waste (more than 6 cubic meters) could not be eliminated for several years. The operators changed, but the matter did not get off the ground until, in 2020, the FEO was appointed to the role of “orderly”.

In August of the same year, the FEO also began to eliminate the consequences of the work of Usoliekhimrom.

In the autumn of 2020, the Ministry of Nature decides to finance cleanup work at the BPPM of Rosatom through the Federal State Institution “Directorate for the Safety of Hydraulic Structures of the Krasny Bor Landfill”. This is a huge warehouse of industrial toxic waste from enterprises in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region of I-V hazard classes. It has been operating since 1969.

In 2020, the landfill will be transferred to federal ownership. And the purification is carried out by the structure of Rosatom – RosROA (an enterprise for handling radioactive waste). As a result, all work on the elimination of waste passes into the hands of Rosatom. The monopolist has one more source of income.

All the world to the "battery" Kiriyenko

Usolye-Siberian. Photo:

In the record, the customer of work at Usoliekhimprom “Krasny Bor” is dissatisfied with the performer of the FEO. The directorate of Krasny Bor asks to eliminate comments on the temporary technological regulations for demercurization with a consolidated conclusion of the expert group.

Conclusion? The largest facilities with toxic waste (BTsBK, Usoliekhimprom) are handled by a not entirely professional structure of Rosatom – FEO.

Journalists got protocols No. 16 (dated July 13, 2021) and No. 17 (dated July 20, 2021) of operational meetings between representatives of Rosatom subsidiaries (FEO) and Rusatom Greenway, the directorate for eliminating the negative impact on the environment of the landfill “Krasny Bor” and 4 research organizations: “GeoTechProekt”, “Avtodorproekt”, “Stroytechnoengineering” and “Krasnoyarskhydroproject Institute”.

It follows from the minutes of the meetings that the liquidators have many problems.

At the initiative of the customer of the work – the Directorate for the Elimination of the Negative Impact on the Environment of the Krasny Bor Landfill, at the initiative of the FEO and contractors, reports on the development of procedures for eliminating the sludge reservoir, pumping out epichlorohydrin, inventorying the volumes of accumulated waste, etc. were postponed several times.

Indeed, in choosing contractors, FEO focuses not on companies with the best work experience, but on firms that you can trust with your money, that is, on your contractors.

But does anyone in the Rosatom state corporation care about this? Or VEB.RF?

These organizations seem to be busy with somewhat different problems – how to quickly build “candle factories” and pour “diamonds into pockets” like seeds…

Igor Shuvalov
Sergei Kirienko
Sergey Kotlyarenko
Irkutsk region
Leningrad region

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